Welcome to the internet QTH of MW0MWZ.

I'm proud to say that I am a member of GW6GW, "Blackwood & District Amateur Radio Society", click Here to see the GW6GW Website.

If you are visiting here you will probably already know that I am an amateur radio operator based in Wales (UK).

On the pages contained in this site you will find some information on my setup, amateur radio in general, some usefull documents with information on antenna design and much more.

On the projects page you will find some information on whatever I happen to be working on at the moment. Well that was true but projects have stalled in favour of sorting the shack out at the moment, plus the shackfeed and website in general are projects on their own HI.

I hope you have as much fun checking out this website as I have had creating it.

73 73 de MW0MWZ!

Latest Blog Entries:

Fixes more fixes!Fri 24th May 2024 10:13 BST

Well you know how it goes, you start looking at what might be broken and there is always more broken than you expecd. It looks like all of the news feeds from the BBC and from the RSGB were all broken too. A little work on those and they are all back in action again... no doubt there will be more that requires my attention, but I am sure I will find and fix it in time.

Updates and FixesFri 24th May 2024 09:20 BST

It's been a while since I did much work on this website, and why not it has been working very well for many years, but things were starting to get a little creaky... The Blog is fixed, you wouldn't have missed it, I've not posted much here for some time, but hey it is working again now :) The browser based DX Cluster is back up and working, using a new service. Live-streaming with a mostly new tool written on/for Rig-Pi is back in action, the old one was lost when the SD Card on the Rig-Pi host died after a few years of service, the new tool is of course better than what went before it. Improved S-Meter overlay shows the real reading from my radio, rather than the one I had guessed at. HRDLog On-Air status is also fixed up and showing on QRZ and here too. None of these are large things, but show that the site is still doing what I wanted it to do, years down the line.