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AstraZeneca vaccine: Denmark ceases rollout completelyWed 14th Apr 2021 13:30 BST

It becomes the first country to completely cease giving the jab over a possible link to blood clots.

Daunte Wright shooting: Police resignations fail to ease unrest over deathWed 14th Apr 2021 11:31 BST

Protests continue after a Minnesota police chief and the officer who killed a black motorist quit.

Afghans face pivotal moment as US prepares to 'close the book'Wed 14th Apr 2021 05:24 BST

Could the US decision to pull its troops from Afghanistan by 11 September lead to civil war?

Chinese man kidnapped and killed in elaborate body swap schemeWed 14th Apr 2021 08:24 BST

The victim was used as a replacement for another corpse, whose family wanted to avoid a burial ban.

Louisiana ship capsize: Search for survivors from 'lift' vesselWed 14th Apr 2021 11:24 BST

Rescuers have so far saved six of the commercial ship's reported 18 crew members from the water.

'No say over my body': Alleged US ICE detainee medical abuseWed 14th Apr 2021 00:01 BST

Dozens of women allege they faced invasive gynaecological procedures while being held at a US immigration detention centre.

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