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Apple warns coronavirus will hurt iPhone suppliesMon 17th Feb 2020 22:47 GMT

The tech giant says it is "experiencing a slower return to normal conditions" in China than expected.

Z Flip and Razr: Folding screens bubble and scratch, tests findMon 17th Feb 2020 14:42 GMT

Reviewers find more durability issues in new handsets from Samsung and Motorola.

Jeff Bezos: World's richest man pledges $10bn to fight climate changeMon 17th Feb 2020 19:14 GMT

The Amazon boss and world's richest man gives 8% of his fortune to fight the planet's "biggest threat".

Amazon: Suspect child car seats found for sale on its store againMon 17th Feb 2020 05:37 GMT

Trading standards officers are probing the products, which Amazon has now removed from sale.

Police force denies creating 'child hacker' posterMon 17th Feb 2020 14:16 GMT

The poster said the authorities should be told about children who had tools used by cyber-security experts.

HQ Trivia: Quiz app ends with drunken broadcast after 'running out of money'Mon 17th Feb 2020 17:52 GMT

A buyout collapsed, leading to the app closing and a presenter paying for final game's $5 prize.

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