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Propagation News – 11 April 2021Fri 9th Apr 2021 15:09 BST

We had yet another week with poor sunspot numbers. Although we started the week with a sunspot number of 11, representing one spot in one group, it didn’t take long for this to decline and we were back to zero spots again and a solar flux index of 76. What we did have, however, were […]

Propagation News – 4 April 2021Thu 1st Apr 2021 15:10 BST

This last week has certainly been quieter from a geomagnetic disturbance point of view. We have seen the Kp index at one for much of the time, and it even hit zero in the early hours of Tuesday the 30th. We have not been quite so lucky on the sunspot front, with zero spots being […]

Propagation News – 28 March 2021Fri 26th Mar 2021 15:23 GMT

What a mixed week we had, with large geomagnetic storms interspersed with quiet periods. The first storm occurred last weekend, when the Kp index hit six on Saturday and then five on Sunday. This wasn’t unexpected and we did warn that it might happen in the last GB2RS broadcast. A second storm occurred when a […]

Propagation News – 21 March 2021Fri 19th Mar 2021 15:14 GMT

We had a week of settled geomagnetic conditions, following a mixed weekend. The consensus on the Commonwealth Contest was that conditions were not too good, although plenty of amateurs managed to put VK in their logs, despite the Kp index hitting four during the event. The Sun remained fairly quiet, with a solar flux index […]

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