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Propagation News – 28 June 2020Fri 26th Jun 2020 16:59 BST

After the recent excitement of a new Solar Cycle 25 sunspot, it seems the Sun has decided to go back to sleep. We have had zero sunspots since 16 June and the STEREO spacecraft Ahead view shows just one small bright area on the Sun, which might result in a spot in due course. Luckily, […]

Propagation News – 21 June 2020Fri 19th Jun 2020 16:33 BST

We had another week dominated by sporadic E HF contacts. Ten metres has been open daily to Europe and often until very late at night. There have been reports of USA and Japanese FT8 contacts from the UK during the day, continuing almost to midnight. By Thursday signal levels appeared to be dropping off at […]

Propagation News – 14 June 2020Fri 12th Jun 2020 17:29 BST

Well, we’ve finally got a good Solar Cycle 25 sunspot to talk about! Region 2765 was a big one with a number of spots appearing, taking the sunspot number to 17 at one point. But by the time it had rotated into the centre of the Sun, the spot had started to decline a little. […]

Propagation News – 7 June 2020Fri 5th Jun 2020 15:39 BST

Well, the excitement of sporadic E propagation continued last week. There were extensive openings on 20 to 10 metres, which resulted in very short-skip openings at times. Paul, GM4ULS in Perth reports working lots of G stations on the South Coast of England on 20 metres on Wednesday, and the skip ran as short as […]

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