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Propagation News – 16 February 2020Fri 14th Feb 2020 13:52 GMT

Last week saw reasonably-settled HF conditions after the effects of a geomagnetic disturbance passed. But the Sun remained spotless again with a solar flux index of about 70-72 all week. Wednesday’s 80m Club Championship contest left many amateurs feeling disappointed and with fairly empty logs after the critical frequency let them down. At the start […]

Propagation News – 9 February 2020Fri 7th Feb 2020 15:29 GMT

After sunspot group 2757 rotated out of view the Sun remained spotless with a solar flux index around 70. We had periods of geomagnetic disruption thanks to the effects of coronal holes, the worst seeing the Kp index hit four on Thursday morning. These storms resulted in visible aurora being reported at higher latitudes. Monday […]

Propagation News – 2 February 2020Fri 31st Jan 2020 15:32 GMT

We had a new sunspot group last week, but don’t get too excited—region 2757 was from the old Cycle 24. We know this because it was close to the Sun’s equator and had the older magnetic configuration. As you read or hear this, the spot will be rotating out of view, off of the Sun’s […]

Propagation News – 26 January 2020Fri 24th Jan 2020 15:38 GMT

This week saw a decline in sporadic E conditions on 10m. This may be due to a repositioning of the jet stream or just the end of the winter sporadic E season, but more of that in the VHF section. On the face of it, last week saw the Sun behaving itself, with zero sunspots. […]

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