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Propagation News – 05 December 2021Fri 3rd Dec 2021 14:34 GMT

The last week was characterised by unsettled geomagnetic conditions, but a reasonable solar flux index of 92, falling to 86. Despite NOAA predicting that the Kp index would be around two, we had an excursion up to five on Tuesday. This was due to an enhanced solar wind stream containing a sector of southward Bz, […]

Propagation News – 28 November 2021Fri 26th Nov 2021 15:02 GMT

We had yet another week with low solar activity. The solar flux index started the week at 79 and by Thursday had only climbed to 83. Ideally, we want the SFI to be above 100 to guarantee good 10m openings. Geomagnetically, the Sun has been quiet with a maximum Kp index of three. On Thursday […]

Propagation News – 21 November 2021Fri 19th Nov 2021 14:19 GMT

We had a week of lower sunspot activity, almost back to the days of sunspot minimum. The solar flux index ranged from 78 on Sunday 14th to 79 on Thursday 18th with a high of 80 on the 16th. So, nothing to write home about there. Geomagnetic conditions were mainly unsettled, with a maximum Kp […]

Propagation News – 14 November 2021Fri 12th Nov 2021 15:03 GMT

This last week was a little more settled than the previous one. The solar flux index remained in the high 80s and geomagnetic conditions were mostly quiet, with a maximum Kp index of three. That isn’t to say that the Sun has been inactive – far from it. A long-duration M2.0 solar flare took place […]

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