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Free lateral flow Covid tests in Wales for those unable to work at homeWed 14th Apr 2021 14:16 BST

The rapid lateral flow self-test kits will be rolled out across Wales from Friday.

'Death trap' Llangollen social distancing bollards to be scrappedWed 14th Apr 2021 14:47 BST

People falling over bollards and rubber kerbs in a north Wales town have been caught on CCTV.

Pontypool mum 'robbed of life' by 'late' cancer diagnosisWed 14th Apr 2021 14:32 BST

Justine Jianikos has terminal cancer which was only spotted after it had spread, she says.

Nicola Faith: Missing boat 'could have been found earlier'Wed 14th Apr 2021 09:22 BST

The Nicola Faith was found just 177m from its last known position, a rescue expert says.

Covid: Welsh government and NHS 'responded well' on PPE suppliesWed 14th Apr 2021 12:43 BST

Report praises Welsh Government and NHS efforts to acquire PPE during the coronavirus pandemic.

Swansea flat owners claim Zurich made homes 'worthless'Wed 14th Apr 2021 11:02 BST

Zurich "strongly" deny claims that surveyors issued hand-written notes as proof of insurance policies.

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