DV4Mini Setup

A local ham, Dai (MW6DQQ), recently bought himself a DV4Mini dongle, and epressed some difficulty setting up his computer to use it, I took a look at the available instructions but the available instructions leave much to be desired.

Below are my instructions to get the a beginner started with their new DV4Mini.

Step 1 - Plug in the DV4Mini

We do this step first, to give Windows time to install the drivers. From my own

experiance the drivers appear to be available form Windows Update, so you just

need to let these install themselfs.

DV4Mini in Laptop

Step 2 - Install the Visual C Libraries

Download the Visual C libraries from here: Download Visial C Libraries

Install both files in the download, "vcredist_x86" should be installed first

If you get an error message when trying to install "vcredist_x64" that means

that you have a 32 bit windows install, and you do not need this installed. Simple.

Step 3 - Install the DV4Mini Software

Download the DV4Mini software from her: Download DV4mini Software

Install the application, follow the install wizard until the application is installed.

This will leave you with the icon "DV4mini" on your desktop.

Step 4 - Setup / Use the DV4Mini Software

Run the "DV4mini" application form your desktop, wait for a few secs for the

software to find your DV4mini card, then proceed to make sure you have it setup

for your needs, see below:

On the "DV Control" page, set your callsign, City and Locator. Since this is a 70cm

device you must set the "Hotspot Callsign ???" to a "B" - See below:

Step 1

On the "DV Control" page, set the DV4mini Settings to D-Star and set BOTH the

RX-QRG: and TX-QRG: to the same frequency. I suggest 431.075 - see below:

Step 2

Change to the "Expert" page - see below:

Expert Tab

Tick the "accept your own callsign only" - see below:

Step 3

On the "DV Control" page, set the REFlector that you want to use, REF001C is a

good place to start, and press connect - see below:

Step 4

Congratulations, you are done, enjoy your DV4mini!