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E-skin recreates sense of touch and other tech newsFri 7th Aug 2020 00:15 BST

BBC Click’s LJ Rich looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.

Instagram rolls out TikTok 'rip-off' ReelsThu 6th Aug 2020 10:01 BST

As TikTok faces uncertainty, Instagram adds new features that will be very familiar to TikTok fans.

What's going on with TikTok?Tue 4th Aug 2020 01:44 BST

Microsoft confirmed it wants to acquire TikTok after President Trump threatened to ban the app.

LinkedIn co-founder reveals key secret to successWed 5th Aug 2020 00:20 BST

Allen Blue, who co-founded professional network LinkedIn, reveals how start-ups can achieve growth.

The coldest computers in the worldFri 7th Aug 2020 00:27 BST

New computers promise to cruise through old problems, but involve mind-boggling low temperatures.

What's new in Fifa 21?Thu 6th Aug 2020 09:19 BST

A new trailer for Fifa 21 reveals new gameplay features. Newsround takes a look at them.

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