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Beirut explosion: World leaders to hold aid summitSun 9th Aug 2020 03:40 BST

French President Emmanuel Macron has organised Sunday's online talks to generate aid for Lebanon.

Beirut explosion: Video of church altar's survival brings hopeSun 9th Aug 2020 00:08 BST

This Greek Orthodox church's altar survived the blast unscathed - even its oil lamp stayed lit.

Spain's ex-King Juan Carlos lands in Abu Dhabi: reportsSat 8th Aug 2020 23:09 BST

A photograph appears to show Spain's former monarch landing in Abu Dhabi after leaving his country.

Coronavirus: Brazil passes 100,000 deaths as outbreak shows no sign of easingSun 9th Aug 2020 09:22 BST

The Covid-19 outbreak shows no sign of easing but cities have already reopened shops and restaurants.

Belarus election: President Lukashenko faces toughest test in yearsSun 9th Aug 2020 07:53 BST

A sea of protests and a novice opposition candidate have shaken up a normally predictable process.

Vijayawada: Fire at Covid facility in India kills at least sevenSun 9th Aug 2020 07:34 BST

The fire in southeast India is the second such blaze at a Covid facility in days.

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