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MV Wakashio: Mauritius declares emergency as stranded ship leaks oilSat 8th Aug 2020 12:27 BST

Mauritius declares a state of emergency after Japanese-owned carrier MV Wakashio starts leaking oil.

12 months, 12 lives: Kashmiris in limbo and lockdownSun 9th Aug 2020 00:26 BST

The BBC speaks to 12 Kashmiris from different walks of life about an unprecedented year for the region.

Why the French are 'European champions' at abandoning petsSun 9th Aug 2020 00:21 BST

Tens of thousands of pets are abandoned every summer in France. What's behind this sad phenomenon?

Coronavirus: Fact-checking fake stories in AfricaSun 9th Aug 2020 00:22 BST

We've taken a look into some of the most widely-shared false stories about the pandemic across Africa.

US election 2020: What is the electoral college?Fri 7th Aug 2020 17:58 BST

How does the US electoral college elect the president?

Letter from Africa: 'How I helped put Gambians on Google Maps'Sun 9th Aug 2020 00:31 BST

A journalist is instrumental in the introduction of an address system which could help save lives.

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