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DMR User DatabaseMon 25th Jan 2016 13:28 GMT

Under my current projects there is now a link to the DMR User Database, this also covered CCS7 registrations too. The data is pulled form the MARC-Group and kept up to date daily. See

Pi-Star Comes HomeSun 24th Jan 2016 20:01 GMT

Yes indeed, Pi-Star comes home to, all the downloads and a new change log are available here at this site, the links on the dashboard have changes and I also put a re-direction at the old location to divert people here too. To cellebrate I have made a new release that includes some minor security updates, CCS7 upgrades and improved WiFi setup too. Check it out

Pi-Star gets a January updateMon 11th Jan 2016 16:37 GMT

Not much has changed, the OS and Kernel have been upgraded, WiFi drivers have been upgraded quite a lot, many new devices supported now, included in-kernel support for the newer ralink USB WiFi sticks. Minor security fixes on the web portals after a quick audit.

Personal Hotspots, must be personalSun 10th Jan 2016 13:36 GMT

In a news article the RSGB reminds its members that personal hotpspots must be just that, personal. For anyone using D-Star / DMR personal nodes, that means your node MUST be locked to your own callsign only. See here for more information: RSGB Post

QSOrder to WebSun 10th Jan 2016 12:49 GMT

Recently some of the guys on the N1MMLogger+ yahoo group got in touch to ask about the possibility for getting their logs online, similar to the work I do for GW4BLE. I have now released QSOrder-Web for general realease, you can find this on the N1MMLogger+ yahoo group and here

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