Classes by MW0MWZ

Welcome to the Classroom, I have started writing some classes for my local club GW6GW starting with a N1MM course to help the class attendee's as well as anyone else wanting to use N1MM themselfs. I made this section of my site available to everyone to try and give something back to the ham community as a whole. I hope you enjoy it and find the content usfull.

ICNIRP #1 - 26-Nov-21

This is a brief presentation on the new ICNIRP compliance requirements. The presentation can be downloaded in Powerpoint format and PDF format below

GW6GW ICNIRP Presentation (Power Point)
GW6GW ICNIRP Presentation (PDF)

N1MM 101 - 12-Nov-10

This is the first in a series of courses run by Andy Taylor (MW0MWZ) at Blackwood & DARS (GW6GW). in this first class we introduce N1MM at a very basic level, this is designed for those of you who have never seen or used N1MM, or for those who have seen it in use at the field day and want to try it at home.

N1MM Logger 101 Downloads
N1MM Base Install
N1MM Latest Updates
N1MM Logger 101 (Power Point)
N1MM Logger 101 (PDF)

N1MM Audio Setup - 20-Mar-11

This is just a quick follow up to the previous N1MM run through. In preperation for the next large contest (CQ WPX SSB - March 26-27 2011) I have been prepairing the contest audio side of N1MM - Somthing that I have been meaning to do for a LONG time!

This wasn't entirly straight forward for me partly due to my multiple sound card setup, however the results are quite acceptable! I used Audacity (see the download section below)to create the WAV files required, you can download mine to give you an idea of what you need (see below)

I will soon upload a how-to guide for what had to be done to achieve the correct output.

N1MM Logger Audio Setup Downloads
Audacity Download
N1MM Contest Audio Files (ZIP)

Making Baluns - 20-Mar-11

Now I cannot claim this to be my own work, but its a very handy resource! "Making Baluns" written by Clive (2E0KGV) is just one of those files that is always usfull to keep to hand, I'll be honest I have a fellow HAM who makes mine for me, he does a much better job than I can! (Thanks Mark - MW0MAU).

Making Baluns Downloads
Making Baluns (PDF)