I finally have my SoftRock Special IF reciever, but I'm suffering a lack of time to get on the radio or build the kit, to be honest I am not too annoyed by this at the moment because I also havnt got the IF-2000 board I need to get the IF signal out of my radio for further processing. With any luck all of this will change in the near future!

In the mean time you can have a look at the IF-200 board details here: I will eventually get around to getting mine, and then the SDR adventure will really start!


So its been a while since I updated this page, its probably about time I added somthing. So whats going on I hear you think, in short not a great deal, I did build the 40/80 trapped inverted "L" antenna, it was up for all of about an hour before it came back down. I wansnt too impressed, not only that but I couldn't really leave it where it was.

Now somthing like a month on from that last venture a good friend of mine (MW0MAU) is building me a pair of 400w current baluns for the next two projects, a fan di-pole for 10/12/15/20/40 with the 15/40 sections sharing the same elements by using traps and a monoband antenna for 80m using some slinky springs and a little wire.

The idea with the monoband is that while it will look like a full size antenna to the transmitter it will be physically shorter, I'm worried about the efficiency but I plan to pull it out as far as I can in the space alowed.

More updates when I have some of this lot in the air to test them!, Pictures to follow in good time...