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Brexit: UK has two weeks to set out plan - Finnish PMWed 18th Sep 2019 23:07 BST

The Finnish PM says EU leaders need written proposals by the end of September - and France's Emmanuel Macron agrees.

Boris Johnson 'glad' about new father's NHS confrontationWed 18th Sep 2019 22:17 BST

Boris Johnson says an angry exchange with the father of a sick child is "part of my job".

Cameron 'sought Queen's help' over Scottish independenceWed 18th Sep 2019 22:45 BST

The ex-PM spoke to royal officials about her "raising an eyebrow" at the prospect of independence.

Teens in unregulated homes face 'organised abuse'Wed 18th Sep 2019 17:01 BST

A BBC News investigation finds teenagers in care being placed at risk of abuse in unregulated homes.

Supreme Court: Second day of legal prorogation battle endsWed 18th Sep 2019 21:49 BST

Judges at the Supreme Court continued to hear arguments over the legality of suspending Parliament.

Climate change: Warming to drive 'robust increase' in UK floodingWed 18th Sep 2019 20:00 BST

A new study shows that there's a higher probability for extreme flooding on UK coasts as global temperatures rise.

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