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Propagation News – 19 May 2019Fri 17th May 2019 14:31 BST

Last week saw the Kp index rise to seven on Tuesday, thanks to an enhanced solar wind stream containing a sharply south-pointing Bz. This is the direction of the interplanetary magnetic field and south-pointing means it was more likely to couple with the Earth’s magnetic field. This was due to a number of filament eruptions […]

Propagation News – 12 May 2019Fri 10th May 2019 15:32 BST

Sunspot group 2740 has now returned and is emitting a lot of radio noise. reports large bursts have been recorded on 20 and 25MHz. The bursts sound like waves breaking on the shore and are caused by beams of electrons accelerated by explosions in the sunspot’s magnetic canopy. As the electrons slice through the […]

Propagation News – 5 May 2019Fri 3rd May 2019 14:55 BST

Well, it is now May and that means the sporadic E season has started. There have already been some sporadic E openings on 10m, but the best is yet to come. Meanwhile, a lack of sunspots and continuing coronal hole activity means F2-layer DX is a little harder to come by. Last week’s International Marconi […]

Propagation News – 28 April 2019Fri 26th Apr 2019 15:12 BST

Last week saw the start of the sporadic E season. There were reports of openings on 10m, and Andy, M0NKR even reported working The Gambia on 28MHz. This may have been a lucky F2-layer opening, but a contact is a contact! Es signals from Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Spain, and the French beacon F5ZEH […]

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