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Propagation News – 12 July 2020Fri 10th Jul 2020 16:18 BST

An elevated solar wind stream moved past Earth late on 4 July and early on the 5th, sending the Kp index to three. This was the most significant solar event of the last week as otherwise the Sun remained calm. The Kp index remained at one or zero for the rest of the week, which […]

Propagation News – 5 July 2020Fri 3rd Jul 2020 16:45 BST

This week saw the beginning of a new month and continued sporadic E openings. Traditionally we see a slow down in the number of sporadic E openings in July, but while we are seeing a few periods on 10m when there are no openings, they inevitably reappear. An HF F2-layer opening to Angola occurred on […]

Propagation News – 28 June 2020Fri 26th Jun 2020 16:59 BST

After the recent excitement of a new Solar Cycle 25 sunspot, it seems the Sun has decided to go back to sleep. We have had zero sunspots since 16 June and the STEREO spacecraft Ahead view shows just one small bright area on the Sun, which might result in a spot in due course. Luckily, […]

Propagation News – 21 June 2020Fri 19th Jun 2020 16:33 BST

We had another week dominated by sporadic E HF contacts. Ten metres has been open daily to Europe and often until very late at night. There have been reports of USA and Japanese FT8 contacts from the UK during the day, continuing almost to midnight. By Thursday signal levels appeared to be dropping off at […]

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