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Propagation News – 21 July 2019Fri 19th Jul 2019 13:42 BST

There is very little to say about HF propagation last week. Conditions were relatively settled, thanks to a respite from solar coronal hole activity, but the HF summer doldrums are still taking their toll. The summer ionosphere is composed mainly of diatomic gases rather than monatomic, and these are harder to ionise. This means maximum […]

Propagation News – 14 July 2019Fri 12th Jul 2019 14:29 BST

Last week saw poor geomagnetic conditions on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the Kp index hitting five. This was due to a weak coronal mass ejection followed by the onset of a solar wind stream from a coronal hole. A solar wind speed above 650km/s, coupled with a strongly south-pointing Bz field, led to geomagnetic unrest […]

Propagation News – 7 July 2019Fri 5th Jul 2019 13:52 BST

Good news—this week saw two sunspots appear from the upcoming solar cycle 25. We know this due to their magnetic polarity and locations close to the solar equator. Unfortunately, the sunspots didn’t last very long before vanishing. But it is a start. Earlier this year, an international panel of experts predicted that solar minimum would […]

Propagation News – 30 June 2019Fri 28th Jun 2019 15:26 BST

Last week saw a continued quiet Sun with zero sunspots at the end of the week and a settled geomagnetic field. A feature in Nature magazine has suggested that we may be heading for a Maunder Minimum in the next three decades. The report cites a study of long-term oscillations of the solar background magnetic […]

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