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Propagation News – 24 October 2021Fri 22nd Oct 2021 15:07 BST

After a week of sunspots and DX fun it looks like we are back in the doldrums again. The Sun currently has just one sunspot visible, meaning the sunspot number is 11. This represents one sunspot in one group. There has been DX to be had, mostly thanks to DXpeditions, including Guinea Bissau, J5T, The […]

Propagation News – 17 October 2021Fri 15th Oct 2021 15:01 BST

Last week saw a mixed bag in terms of HF propagation with good conditions at times, but horrendous conditions mid week after a coronal mass ejection saw the Kp index shoot up to six. Matter from the CME, which was accompanied by an M1.6 solar flare on the 9th of October, hit the Earth in […]

Propagation News – 10 October 2021Fri 8th Oct 2021 15:25 BST

Solar activity has dipped a little over the last two weeks. From a solar flux high of 102 on the 20th of September, activity declined to the mid-80s and stayed there. That isn’t to say that HF activity has been poor. Far from it. There are numerous reports of DX being worked, including S9OK on […]

Propagation News – 3 October 2021Fri 1st Oct 2021 15:09 BST

Life is starting to get a bit more interesting in terms of the Sun and HF propagation. This week we have seen more sunspots, a coronal mass ejection and some minor solar flares, so the Sun is definitely waking up. The solar flux index passed 100 on Thursday, reaching 102. This is high enough to […]

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