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Propagation News – 17 March 2019Fri 15th Mar 2019 15:32 GMT

There is life in the old dog yet! The lone spotted region on the visible disk of the Sun managed to produce a minor C1.3 flare on 8 March. Although not a noteworthy event as far as peak X-ray strength, the flare was associated with an eruption and what appears to be a faint coronal […]

Propagation News – 10 March 2019Fri 8th Mar 2019 15:39 GMT

The Sun sprouted a new sunspot this week bringing the sunspot number to 17 and the solar flux index to 73. The sunspot number represents 10 for a group and one for each of the sunspots in that group. Geomagnetic conditions were more settled over the week, with the Kp index hitting one and two. […]

Propagation News – 3 March 2019Fri 1st Mar 2019 15:32 GMT

The settled Sun came to an abrupt end on Thursday when the Kp index rose to five as a result of an elongated coronal hole on its surface. This sparked high-latitude auroras. It brought to an end a period of settled conditions, with the Chilton ionosonde showing MUFs struggling to reach much above 14MHz on […]

Propagation News – 24 February 2019Fri 22nd Feb 2019 15:36 GMT

The Sun played ball this week and matched our predictions. The Kp index soared to four on Thursday, the 21st, thanks to ongoing coronal hole activity, but it was otherwise settled. There had been good conditions earlier in the week. The ARRL International DX Contest gave people contacts into nearly all the US states over […]

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