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Contest News – 10 December 2017Fri 8th Dec 2017 15:10 GMT

This weekend’s ARRL 10m contest ends its run at 2359UTC this Sunday, the 10th. Using CW and phone only, the exchange is signal report and serial number. American and Canadian stations will also exchange their state or province code. On Tuesday the 432MHz FM Activity Contest runs from 1900 to 2000UTC. It is immediately followed […]

Contest News – 3 December 2017Fri 1st Dec 2017 15:13 GMT

The ARRL 160m contest ends its run at 1600UTC on Sunday the 3rd. Using CW only, the exchange is the usual signal report. US and Canadian stations also send their ARRL or RAC section number. The RSGB 144MHz AFS contest takes place this Sunday, the 3rd. Running from 1000 to 1600UTC on the 2m band […]

Contest News – 26 November 2017Fri 24th Nov 2017 15:45 GMT

This weekend sees the CQ Worldwide DX CW contest, which started at 0000 UTC on Saturday morning and runs to 2359UTC on Sunday night. This CW-only event uses all the contest bands from 1.8 to 28MHz. The exchange is RST plus CQ Zone, which for the UK is 14. Tuesday sees the SHF UKAC from […]

Contest News – 19 November 2017Fri 17th Nov 2017 15:26 GMT

On Sunday the 19th, the UK Microwave Group contest runs from 1000 to 1400UTC. Using all modes on the 1.3 to 3.4GHz bands, the exchange is signal report, serial number and locator. Tuesday sees the 1.3GHz UKAC from 2000 to 2230UTC. Using all modes on the 23cm band, the exchange is signal report, serial number […]

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