Other Sites you should visit:

GW6GW Blackwood & District Amateur Radio Society

This is the home of my local club, GW6GW is located at Oakdale Comprehensive School in the village of Oakdale near the town of Blackwood in South Wales. Both the club and their unusual callsign are steeped in local history, well worth checking out (or even joining if your local!).

RSGB - We cannot not mention them can we!

This is the website for the Radio Society of Great Britain, if you are a radio operator in the UK, you really should be a a member!

GB100GGM - Blackwood & DARS operating from Gelligroes Mill

This is the home of GB100GGM, Blackwood (GW6GW) & DARS operating from Gelligroes Mill to cellebrate 100 years since the reception of the "CQD" call from the Titanic on the very same spot!

MW0MAU's Amateur Radio Site

The is the website of MW0MAU, A good friend and a local Radio Operator like myself.

MW0LLO's Amateur Radio Site

The is the website of MW0LLO, Another good friend and a local Radio Operator like myself.

GW4BLE's Contest Logs

Inspirational stuff this, you can't fail to be impressed, yeah I might have had a hand in getting it online but Steve did all the work on the radio!

N1MM - My favourate contest logger!

This is my favourite contest log of the moment, however there are some local favourite contests that are not supported, maybe we should see if we can persuade the developers to include them?

Ham Radio Deluxe - My favourite day to day log, Feature Packed!

Where would I be without this, I cant say I have tried them all by any means but this one really does it for me! Comes with DM780, in my opinion THE BEST digital mode tool, it may not be up there with hardcore contest solutions but for everything else its great!

ML&S - Radio Suppliers

What can I say, alot of my equipment has been supplied by ML&S, they ALWAYS look after me and the second hand deals are very good too! QRP to QRO they carry the lot!

G4ZLP Electronics

Need an interace for digital modes, thease guys can help! Of corse you can build your own but some of us are just too lazy!

K7AGE Youtube Channel

This is the youtube channel for K7AGE, Randy - he has been my inspiration to get on PSK, there is some really good content here especially the introductions to PSK and satellite operations.

Maker Pro

A Maker Community, Supporting You From Concept to Creation. Design, Collaborate, and Share With Others for Free *Cant say I have used these guys, but they asked me to link the page and I don't see why not...