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BBC launches 'digital wellbeing' Own It app for childrenWed 18th Sep 2019 00:03 BST

The Own It app watches what children type and offers advice about how to stay healthy online.

Live facial recognition surveillance 'must stop'Wed 18th Sep 2019 05:51 BST

Campaigners say the technology is inaccurate, intrusive and infringes on an individual's right to privacy.

New algorithms aim to stamp out abuse on TwitterWed 18th Sep 2019 11:00 BST

US researchers develop a tool that can detect abuse with "90% accuracy".

Amazon Echo screen flicker angers ownersTue 17th Sep 2019 16:23 BST

One owner, in Hampshire, says his device started to flicker 16 months after he had bought it.

Facebook to use Met Police videos to recognise shootersTue 17th Sep 2019 18:00 BST

The technology giant will provide body cameras to Metropolitan Police officers on firearms training.

Gatwick Airport commits to facial recognition tech at boardingTue 17th Sep 2019 16:52 BST

The London airport will regularly scan passengers' faces at departure gates from 2022.

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