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Zoom boss apologises for security issues and promises fixesThu 2nd Apr 2020 13:54 BST

The firm will freeze all new feature development to concentrate on fixing security and privacy issues.

Google uses AI to enhance video call audioThu 2nd Apr 2020 15:30 BST

The new system realistically fills short gaps in conversations where drops previously occurred.

Amazon wins trademark battle over Davidoff perfumeThu 2nd Apr 2020 13:32 BST

European Court judges that Amazon is not responsible for a Marketplace seller's trademark infringement.

Coronavirus: How China's using surveillance to tackle outbreakThu 2nd Apr 2020 00:06 BST

China is using its high tech system to tackle the outbreak, but is the state interference justified?

Amazon Prime allows in-app purchases for Apple usersThu 2nd Apr 2020 01:43 BST

The changes will apply to users in the US, UK, and Germany.

How Bafta is hosting games awards in lockdownThu 2nd Apr 2020 01:33 BST

The Bafta Games Awards will be the first major awards to take place during social distancing rules.

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