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Storm Ciara prevents 40m GB2RS news readingFri 14th Feb 2020 15:11 GMT

Due to the awful weather conditions last weekend during Storm Ciara, Gunter, DJ2XB and Colin DJ0OK were unable to read the GB2RS news on 40m. Both readers had to take their antennas down for safety. They hope to resume a normal service on Sunday, 16 February 2020—weather permitting.

Get involved in British Science WeekFri 14th Feb 2020 15:09 GMT

If you or your radio club want to get involved in British Science Week, which takes place between 6 and the 15 March 2020, activity packs are now available to download. The pack contains tips on how to run British Science Week in school or at home, easy-to-run activities, and details of the annual poster […]

Second mock Full licence exam availableFri 14th Feb 2020 15:04 GMT

The RSGB has published a second mock exam paper for the Full licence this week so there are now two for each licence level. You can see all the mock exam papers on the Society’s website at

Also in GB2RS this week…Fri 14th Feb 2020 15:01 GMT

Amateurs in all French territories now have access to the 60m 5351.5 to 5366.5kHz WRC allocation at a maximum power of 15WERP following the publication in the French official journal. The French national society, REF, advocates the use of the IARU 60m band plan. Mitsuo, JA1WQF successfully decoded a 47GHz signal bounced off the Moon […]

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