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Keeping the spectrum cleanFri 19th Jul 2019 14:41 BST

The radio communications consultancy LS telcom held its 24th annual spectrum summit on 3 July 2019 and invited the IARU to participate in a panel session, Keeping the Spectrum Clean. The IARU was represented by Barry Lewis, G4SJH, who is the RSGB Microwave Manager. He summarised the impact of the increase in man-made noise observed […]

G5RP Trophy nominations soughtFri 19th Jul 2019 14:33 BST

The G5RP Trophy is an annual award to encourage newcomers to HF DXing. The award is not limited to youngsters or the newly-licensed; it is open to any one who has recently discovered and made significant progress in HF DXing. If you are an established HF DXer and want to recommend some one to be […]

Ian White, GM3SEK to speak at the RSGB ConventionFri 19th Jul 2019 14:30 BST

The RSGB 2019 Convention takes place in Milton Keynes from 11 to 13 October 2019. Ian White, GM3SEK will present Clean Up Your Shack—Revisited. This is sure to be a popular talk, as there have been around 7,000 views on the RSGB YouTube channel of Ian’s 2015 talk. To book weekend packages or day tickets […]

Also in GB2RS this week…Fri 19th Jul 2019 14:20 BST

With the summer holidays looming, where can you take youngsters that’s fun, educational and free? Bletchley Park, the former top-secret home of Britain’s codebreakers, is now a vibrant museum and has a packed calendar of interactive exhibitions and events that tell the story of this historic site. Engineering challenges, codebreaking games and immersive displays are […]

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