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Get on the microwave bandsFri 22nd Oct 2021 15:20 BST

Are you looking for a new challenge? The RSGB has just released an updated video that gives a short introduction to amateur radio on the microwave bands. It explains how microwave technology is involved in everyday life, and highlights the opportunities as well as the challenges of this aspect of amateur radio. You can watch […]

Become an RSGB DirectorFri 22nd Oct 2021 15:19 BST

The RSGB Nominations Committee includes representatives of the Board, Regional Team and the Committees who work together to select Nominated Directors to serve on the RSGB Board. The Nominations Committee is seeking a wide range of new candidates with skills that will complement the existing skills and knowledge on the Board. If you are an […]

SAQ Grimeton transmits on SundayFri 22nd Oct 2021 15:17 BST

Sunday, 24 October 2021, is United Nations Day and the historic Alexanderson alternator in Grimeton, Sweden—with call sign SAQ—is scheduled to send out a message on 17.2kHz using CW. The live stream on YouTube starts at 1425UTC, with tuning at 1430UTC. The transmission begins at 1500UTC.

Also in GB2RS this week…Fri 22nd Oct 2021 15:16 BST

The RSGB QSL Bureau is continuing to search for a new sub-manager for the G4T to G4Z group. Members in this call group are encouraged to check the RSGB website for latest information and not to send further collection envelopes until a new appointment is made. If you enjoy QSL cards, have space and time, […]

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