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Huawei: China attacks UK's 'groundless' ban of 5G kitWed 15th Jul 2020 16:07 BST

The UK cited security risks - but China says it is "an excuse to co-operate with the United States".

Assam: Fifty dead and two million hit by India monsoon floodsWed 15th Jul 2020 09:45 BST

Two million people are hit by monsoon flooding in Assam, with tigers and rhinos also badly affected.

Cecil Rhodes statue in Cape Town has head removedWed 15th Jul 2020 15:18 BST

The statue had been targeted before amid anger in South Africa at monuments to colonialism.

Viola Davis: I betrayed myself and my people in The HelpWed 15th Jul 2020 14:23 BST

The Oscar-nominated 2011 film was created in the "cesspool of systemic racism", the actress says.

Azerbaijan protesters demand war after Armenia clashesWed 15th Jul 2020 17:02 BST

Thousands marched in the capital Baku and some attacked the parliament after clashes with Armenia.

Kenyan 12-year old girl married to two men within a monthWed 15th Jul 2020 15:55 BST

Authorities in Kenya's Narok county rescued the child and are searching for her father and the two men.

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