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Reminders on rise as WhatsApp update deadline loomsFri 14th May 2021 00:23 BST

Users yet to accept new terms and conditions will begin to receive "persistent" reminders.

'Huge shortage' in digital skills says Apprentice winnerFri 14th May 2021 13:01 BST

Some UK firms are struggling to fill roles demanding digital skills, so how easy is it to retrain?

US fuel pipeline 'paid hackers $5m in ransom'Fri 14th May 2021 10:30 BST

Reports say Colonial Pipeline paid cyber-criminal gang DarkSide a ransom to prevent a data leak.

Cyber attack 'most significant on Irish state'Fri 14th May 2021 21:37 BST

Irish health chiefs temporarily shut down its IT system which severely impacted some services.

IBM says chip shortage could last two yearsThu 13th May 2021 23:23 BST

The President of the US tech giant told the BBC that the shortage could last another two years.

Amazon set to hire 10,000 UK workersFri 14th May 2021 12:27 BST

The tech giant is tightening its grip on retail as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

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