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Helen's Law: Destroying remains 'should be a separate crime'Sat 4th Dec 2021 07:19 GMT

Michael O'Leary's body has never been recovered after it was burned by his killer Andrew Jones.

Covid: Could more Omicron variant cases emerge in Wales?Sat 4th Dec 2021 10:04 GMT

Containing the variant is "going to be very, very challenging," says public health expert.

Trainee police officer banned for stalking ex-boyfriendFri 3rd Dec 2021 22:31 GMT

Former constable Emma Bewick has been barred from future service after pleading guilty to stalking.

Queen: Piano sold by Freddie Mercury to The AlarmSat 4th Dec 2021 07:21 GMT

After being used on album The Works, it toured with Welsh rockers The Alarm for three years.

Covid: How easy is it to see your dentist in Wales?Sat 4th Dec 2021 07:53 GMT

Have you managed to get treatment when your teeth are troubling you?

Rare turtle washes up on UK beach 4,000 miles from homeSat 4th Dec 2021 09:34 GMT

Tally the Turtle is recovering in a UK zoo awaiting a flight back to the warm waters of Mexico.

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