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Updated licence exam manuals releasedWed 17th Jul 2024 14:30 BST

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve released updated training manuals for the Foundation, Intermediate and Full licence exams. These books are in addition to the existing manuals and reflect changes to the syllabus due to the new licence conditions. The RSGB will start examining to version 1.6 of the syllabus from 1 September 2024 and […]

You could be the next RSGB Company SecretaryFri 12th Jul 2024 14:30 BST

The RSGB is looking to recruit an RSGB Member to be the Society’s Company Secretary. This volunteer position plays a key role in the Society’s governance and provides vital support in running Board meetings and the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Stephen Purser, GW4SHF took on the role temporarily after the previous Company Secretary stepped down. […]

GB2RS News Script for 14 July 2024Fri 12th Jul 2024 14:30 BST

Tap or click the link below to download this week’s news script News script for 14 July 2024 (MS Word document)

Planning Advisory Committee needs volunteersFri 12th Jul 2024 14:29 BST

The RSGB Planning Advisory Committee needs additional volunteers to join its advisory panel. Volunteers deal with queries from members about problems they face in getting planning permission for masts and aerials. These enquiries can be for support in making an application to the local council, or in submitting an appeal. If you have a relevant […]

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