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GB2RS News Script for 2 August 2020Fri 31st Jul 2020 17:07 BST

Tap or click the link below to download this week’s GB2RS news script GB2RS News Script for 2 August 2020 (11-page/195KB Microsoft Word document) Problems downloading the GB2RS news script? Try this alternative link.

Intermediate Exam practical assessment abolishedFri 31st Jul 2020 17:02 BST

The Examination Standards Committee is pleased to announce the latest syllabus revision for the amateur radio licence examinations. Following the valuable feedback from the tutor community, certain points have been clarified. There are no new learning points with this revision—version 1.4—but one very significant change is that the Intermediate practical assessment is to be discontinued […]

RSGB creates Facebook group for new licenseesFri 31st Jul 2020 17:01 BST

As part of its continuing Get on the air to care initiative, the RSGB has created a Facebook group to support new Foundation licensees who have taken their exam this year via remote invigilation, plus those returning to amateur radio after a number of years. For details on how to join the group, see

Australia increases amateur licence flexibilityFri 31st Jul 2020 17:00 BST

The Australian comms regulator ACMA has announced a series of changes to give Australian amateurs more options and flexibility. Digital modes and shorter three letter call signs will now be available to Australian foundation licensees. In addition, regional identifiers that indicate which state any amateur is located in no longer need be changed when travelling […]

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