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DX News – 16 June 2024Fri 14th Jun 2024 13:12 BST

Elvira, IV3FSG is active as 5U5K from Niger until the 20 June. She is operating SSB, FT8, FT4, RTTY and some CW on the 160 to 6m bands. QSL directly to IK2DUW. Erwin, DK5EW is active as SV8/DK5EW from Crete Island, EU-015, until the 20 June. He is QRV on the 6 and 4m bands only, […]

DX News – 9 June 2024Fri 7th Jun 2024 12:03 BST

Dave, WJ2O is active as VP6DF from Pitcairn Island, OC-044, until tomorrow, the 10 June. He is running low power and operating CW on the 40 to 10m bands. He may also operate on the 160 and 80m bands, depending on working conditions.  QSL via N2ZN and Logbook of the World. John, W5JON is active […]

DX News – 2 June 2024Fri 31st May 2024 13:39 BST

Roland, F8EN is active as TR8CR from Gabon until at least the end of June. He will operate CW only and will celebrate his 96th birthday while there. QSL via F6AJA directly or via the Bureau. Roland can usually be found on the 30 to 10m bands using CW. Tosy, JA6VZB is active as JD1BQW […]

DX News – 26 May 2024Thu 23rd May 2024 15:08 BST

Martin, MW0BRO is active as ZC4GW from Dhekelia in Cyprus until tomorrow, the 27 May. He is operating CW only on the 40 to 6m bands. QSL via MW0BRO. QSOs will be uploaded to Club Log and Logbook of the World. Rolf, DO4RKR is active as 8Q7KR from the Maldives, AS-013, until the 31 May. He […]

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